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Hunter Law Fine Art


     Hunter Law, an accomplished wildlife artist from central Maine, has honed his craft over the past seven years, embarking on a creative journey that has lead him to discover his true voice. Originally drawn to landscapes and understanding light, he found his artistic calling in using a skillful blend of wildlife and superimposed landscapes to evoke a profound appreciation for the intimate relationships between nature, animals, and humanity.


     Driven by a passion for capturing the essence of the natural world, Hunter skillfully employs oils as his medium of choice. Through a meticulous and patient approach, he portrays the rich details of wildlife, seamlessly merging them with stunning landscapes often bathed in ethereal light. Each piece a portal, transporting viewers into a realm where animals and nature coexist harmoniously, inviting them to reflect upon their own relationship with the world around them.

With his proficient and thought-provoking works, Law has garnered acclaim and recognition in the art community. In 2019 he was recognized as Baxter State Park’s Artist-in-Residence and in 2020 received the honor of painting the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Recognition Print. His paintings have been accepted and entered into many of Maine’s juried shows and have captivated art enthusiasts across the country. The increasing demand for his work has pushed the price of his larger originals into the $1,000 to $5,000 range. To continue making his work accessible to the general public, Law publishes open and limited edition reproductions every year. His originals and reproductions have been sold and shipped to over 35 states in the US and Canada. 


While holding dear masterful technique and aesthetic beauty, Hunter embeds his artwork with a deeper message. Each piece serves as a visual metaphor, urging viewers to recognize and nurture the connection between nature and animals. A hunter himself and avid outdoorsmen, Law is beckoned by a simpler more connected life, “Intelligent as we are, if we could humble ourselves just a bit, we, as humans, could learn from these wild creatures and maybe even find inspiration and guidance from their profound unity with nature”.

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